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Microsoft reportedly angling for Xbox Live play on Android and iOS

Xbox Live on iOS and Android
Mobile achievements on the way?
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It looks like Microsoft is making a new play on mobile gaming, one that extends beyond Windows Phone's walls.

A newly discovered job posting suggests that Microsoft is looking for new software engineers to port the Xbox Live platform to iOS and Android devices. Going beyond the SmartGlass app people can already download, it seems Microsoft wants to extend Xbox Live's functionality even further.

One of goals listed in the job description included creating "a modern framework that is open source, light-weight, extensible and scalable across various platforms including Windows Store, Windows Phone, iOS and Android."

The post also detailed Microsoft's desire to "win back" game developers from competitors, developers that perhaps switched from programming console and PC titles to become mobile game makers on more robust platforms.

Winning back developers

The Verge confirmed with a source familiar with the Redmond company's plans that it is building a platform to extend Xbox Live functionality to iOS and Android games directly.

Prior to this new job posting, Microsoft had already implemented achievements into the Wordament app on iOS and Android, so it's not a far stretch that it would want more Xbox Live integration in games.

Achievements are a big reason why Xbox gamers stick with Microsoft's platform, but it could completely steamroll the Game Center on iOS and Android's Play Games service.

Achievements aside, implementing more messaging, leader boards and even voice chat could all add a new cross-platform layer to competitive and multiplayer mobile gaming.

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Kevin Lee

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