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Google miscalculated Nexus 4 numbers, French LG exec says

Nexus 4
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LG is suddenly rather talkative about what's going on with supplies of the Nexus 4, a phone it makes in partnership with Google that's harder to find by the hour.

Following comments allegedly made by an LG spokesperson to a Korean site that there was nothing on LG's end causing the handset hold up, Cathy Robin, director of mobile communications for LG France, chatted with about the 4's supply issues.

"Supply problems are not necessarily completely related to LG," Robin, as translated by Google, said. The issue, at least to some degree, has to do with poor math by Mountain View.

"Google has presented forecasts calculated according to their previous sales history of Nexus. But they have been less [in] demand."

Regional differences

LG continues to make Nexus 4 deliveries on a regular basis, Robin continued, but "it is lean."

According to Robin, the supply problems are at least partially to blame on inaccurate country-by-country allocations of the handset. France, for example, got too few phones while too many were sent to the U.K. and Germany. (UPDATED: As several commenters have pointed out and investigation of Google Play's U.K. site has shown, supplies in the U.K. are low or sold out).

Despite what can't be a pleasant time for either company's customer service or PR departments, Robin said there's no bad blood between LG and Google and the relationship between the two is "going smoothly."

That's a little surprising, considering not just what LG has said but the comments its comrade has made.

In December, Dan Cobley, Google UK and Ireland's managing director, took to Google+ to write: "Supplies from the manufacturer are scarce and erratic, and our communication has been flawed. I can offer an unreserved apology for our service and communication failures in this process."

While Cobley doesn't quite lay it on LG, the implication is that the latter was an unreliable manufacturer and difficult to talk to about what was holding up phone orders. There's blame on Google's end, but hey, look to the other guy.

TechRadar asked Google for its take on the Nexus 4 supply situation and will update this story if and when the company responds.

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