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BlackBerry unlimited TV downloads coming soon?

RIM set to launch TV download service?
RIM set to launch TV download service?

RIM, manufacturers of the BlackBerry series, could be launching an unlimited TYV download service for the BB community in April.

Apparently this will be a subscription based service, although the content will only be delivered by Wi-Fi, in a similar way to the BBC iPlayer.

This is due to RIM not wanting to clog up 3G data networks with all its customers downloading their favourite videos left, right and centre, and apparently nothing to do with the fact that using that much data would cost a fortune for the phone carrier.

Multiple broadcasters

Multiple broadcast and cable networks have been signed up for the service.

The unlimited downloads service will apparently be announced at CTIA Wireless 2009, and will seemingly coincide with the launch of RIM's BlackBerry App World, where users can get all manner of add-ons for their BB phone.

As mentioned above, the BBC iPlayer already offers such a service for a growing number of portable devices and mobile phones, so it will be interesting to see if RIM's effort makes it over to UK shores.

Via NewTeeVee