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BlackBerry tablet 'confirmed' - but just as an add-on

This is just the EEE pad - but who doesn't like tea?
This is just the EEE pad - but who doesn't like tea?

The much-rumoured BlackBerry tablet has been 'confirmed' as real, but it's certainly not an iPad competitor.

BGR has some 'exclusive information' about the forthcoming device - it will be an 8.9-inch slate device, but won't have Wi-Fi or 3G on board.

Instead, it will be packing Bluetooth and will act as a secondary device to your BlackBerry, connecting up and stealing the Wi-Fi or 3G signal.

Not that, but something else

This means it's less of an internet tablet, and more of an e-book reader cum email extender cum pseudo-web-browser - essentially all the things you can do on your BB's really teeny screen in a much bigger format.

Word is that this BlackBerry tablet is due for a release around Christmas time - although there are murmurings from clandestine areas (or a man in a suit that told someone else something) that it might even be earlier than that.

We've no idea why RIM would think this is plugging a gap in its portfolio - but there are a lot of people committed to the BlackBerry tribe already, so perhaps having a massive screen complementing it would make sense.