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BlackBerry N-Series BB10 handset leaked again?

BlackBerry N-Series BB10 handset leaked again
BB10 launch now just a month away

It won't be officially revealed the end of January, but it looks like RIM's new Bold-alike smartphone has made another unsanctioned appearance.

The N4BB site has come across some new, clearer photos of the QWERTY-toting N-Series device, offering a vast improvement on the blurry images that surfaced a couple of weeks back.

The leaked snaps offer a much better look at the physical keyboard and showcases how the rows of BB10 app icons fit with the screen proportions.

The N-Series (or the X10 as it may eventually be known) will be running the long-delayed BlackBerry 10 operating system when it is finally revealed at a launch event on January 30.

BB10 lift off

At the event, RIM is scheduled to offer an in-depth look at the completed BB10 OS, which was first announced well over a year ago.

At the event, the company is likely to unveil two handsets; the N-Series device mentioned above and a heavily-leaked all-touchscreen L-Series device.

Will RIM have any surprises in store come January 30? TechRadar will be covering the event as it happens, so stay tuned.

Check out the source link for additional pictures of the N-Series.

Via N4BB