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BlackBerry 6 OS: Sneak peek shows bevy of new features

The new BlackBerry OS 6
The new BlackBerry OS 6

RIM has shown off its BlackBerry 6 OS again on video, only this time with a lot more relevant information without an annoying Black Eyed Peas video in the background.

The new video highlights the integration of messaging options for the BlackBerry range, with IM, text and social networking all available from a contact profile.

Pinching and zooming has also been added to the process, so web page viewing (on the new Webkit-based browser) will be a much more pleasurable experience.

Tweet, Facebook and go

Social hubs will be integrated too - you'll be able to send a Tweet or Facebook message to a specific contact (or more) and then simply scroll right to see RSS feeds and the like.

The main message from RIM seems to be that this is a much more consumer-friendly interface, with touch at the heart rather than an afterthought, as it felt on the Storm range.

Check out the video to see for yourself - if you're a non-BlackBerry user, does this convince you to try one out for the first time?