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Blackberry is more interesting than the iPhone

Google trends
The Blackberry has peaked in the last week

Blackberry has soared ahead of the iPhone in internet searches this week, according to Google Trends.

The program, which tracks the amount of time a term is entered into Google’s search engine, shows that while the 3G iPhone is garnering more consumer interest in recent days, the Blackberry is really on the up.

Bold new world

This is likely to be down to the release of the new Blackberry Bold, which is tipped to be RIM’s answer to the iPhone, although it still holds the largest market share in the smartphone market, hinting the company doesn’t really need to compete as yet.

Understandably, Canada is the biggest region for Blackberry searches, though Vietnam comes in third, behind the US.

Should the trends continue, the news will come as a blow to Apple, which has been reaping the benefit of the plethora of rumours of the 3G release.

Or could it simply be a case of the public getting bored of the constant talk before the big day on Monday?