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What happens to your Facebook when you die? You can finally decide

Facebook Legacy Contact memorialized

It's a question that's been asked many times, including by TechRadar: what happens to your social media accounts when you die?

Facebook's previous policy let deceased users' family members submit a request to have their pages "memorialized," but now the social network is finally giving users more control over their own postmortem profiles, the company has announced.

Starting today - at least in the US - Facebook is letting users assign a "legacy contact" who will be given powers to decide what happens to their profile once they've shuffled off.

Legacy powers

That legacy contact will be able to write a post that will be displayed at the top of the memorialized page's timeline, respond to the user's friend requests, and update their profile and cover photos.

The legacy contact can also download a user's photos, posts and profile information as an archive, though they won't be able to write posts on that person's behalf, change their settings or view their private messages.

Alternately, Facebook users can instruct the company to simply delete their accounts when they pass.

You can choose a legacy contact and assign them permissions in your settings under "security."

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