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Facebook and Intel combine for online animation

Facebook logo
Five minutes of fame courtesy of Facebook and Intel

Facebook is many things to its millions of members, but among the various adjectives that can be applied to the social networking site 'creative' is rarely used.

That's why it's a pleasure to come across a new art project based on the SNS and sponsored by Intel among others that aims to give an opening to new filmmakers.


Mass Animation, which starts later this year, is using Facebook to recruit computer graphics animators to collaborate on a five-minute short film that will ultimately be given a professional screening.

Each artist gets to work on a small segment of the film, with the planning organised through a moderated Facebook group.

Free downloads

Intel and Autodesk, one of the other sponsors, have developed a new platform that allows the actual animation to be posted on Facebook after it has been created using software offered as a free download.

One of Intel's PR shills trumpeted the project, saying, ""The power of Intel high-performance processor technology makes it possible for content creators to design, animate and innovate."

That's all very true, but does that mean PCs powered by AMD or any of the other chipmakers out there will get booted off the Facebook group if found out?