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Facebook testing threaded commenting on Page posts

Facebook testing threaded commenting on Page posts
Threaded commenting - a brave new old world

Yet more tinkering is taking place over at Facebook HQ where the social network's dev elves are trying out threaded commenting on Facebook pages.

You won't see the tests on any personal Facebook profiles, only a selection of brand pages will have the option to in-line reply to specific comments - just as you can on Reddit, for example.

As well as the threaded comments, Facebook's trying out a new way of ranking the comments under each status, so that the 'most engaging' ones show higher up (i.e. the ones with the highest number of comments) show higher up the thread.

Because it's all just a test, Facebook hasn't said exactly which pages will see the new commenting system, nor whether it will roll out to all Pages in the coming weeks.

Threading the needle

Although you can currently tag a person in a comment by typing their name prefaced by the @ symbol (a la Twitter), until the new changes roll out there's no handy way to start and keep a conversation going in the comments under a status.

Like many Facebook updates, we can't understand why this didn't come in earlier; that's a feeling that does not apply to promoted posts for users though, as you may be able to tell.