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You'll soon be able to buy a cheaper Xbox One without Kinect

You'll soon be able to buy an Xbox One without Kinect
Is this Microsoft admitting that Kinect hasn't quite worked?
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Confirming previous rumours, Microsoft has announced that it'll be releasing an Xbox One without Kinect on June 9 in Australia.

Many gamers have been calling out for the option to buy the console without Microsoft's new Kinect sensor, and now those prayers have been answered (opens in new tab).

Without Kinect, the console will sell for AU$499, making it much cheaper than the PS4, which still costs over AU$500.

Not so vital?

Since the Xbox One reveal, Microsoft has pushed Kinect as an essential part of the console. The latest news does come across as a bit of an admission that Kinect didn't take off quite as well as the company had hoped.

But Microsoft is keen to emphasise that pairing the console with Kinect still offers "the best" experience for gamers.

The Kinect sensor will be sold as a standalone accessory later in the year, in case you change your mind, while bundled units will still be available for AU$599.

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