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Xbox One's next-gen Kinect is coming to Windows

Microsoft bringing Kinect to Windows
The new Kinect, as seen last night

Xbox One won't be the only one getting in on the next generation of motion-tracking – the new version of Kinect will also be coming to Windows PCs.

Kinect Program Manager Scott Evans told Shacknews that Microsoft "will bring [Kinect] to PC", adding that there will be more information "soon".

While a firmer date would be nice (though the omission is unsurprising as the new console hasn't even been given a release date) we now have confirmation from the horse's mouth that the general Xbox-Windows relationship will still be going strong on the One.

Nice little gesture

While still good news, this isn't all that surprising; the current Kinect made its way to PC in early 2012, just over a year after its Xbox 360 release.

The new Kinect, however, has taken a serious step up over its predecessor. Simply saying "Xbox on" will now boot up the console, and if last night's demonstration was anything to go by, Kinect instantly responds to voice controls and motion gestures.

Microsoft says Kinect 2 detects motion in just 12 billionths of a second, while the sensor has a resolution of 1080p.