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Xbox '13 Days of Blood' docu-drama will be like 'playing TV'

Xbox '13 Days of Blood' docu-drama will be like 'playing TV'
A new era for television courtesy of Xbox?

Microsoft's steps into original programming will look to combine television and gaming with a fully interactive show that will be "like playing television"

The forthcoming Roman Empire history show from the series 13 Days Of Blood will arrive in 2015 with the producer Stephen David promising "true interaction with real history."

Microsoft has yet to explain the technology it is using to usher in this new televisual era, but did say the new interactive tools will ensure fight scenes are more life like than ever before.

"The series will weave interviews with scripted scenes, and will also introduce a new, interactive technology that will bring fight scenes to life in a way never before seen in television," a Microsoft spokesperson told Deadline Hollywood.

Kinect involvement?

The first episode of the series will be told "through the lens" of the 'gladiator emperor' Commodus, which suggests the show may be shot from a first person perspective.

That could, perhaps, enable viewers to shift the perspective of the protagonist using the Xbox controller or Kinect's motion sensing or eye-tracking skills.

Each hour long episode in the series will focus on a different civilisation.

Via Engadget