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Upvote: world's first TV Reddit app arrives on Xbox One

ReddX achievement
Socially Awkward Nelson

Microsoft has positioned the Xbox One as a home entertainment solution almost as much as a console, so a wealth of apps are as expected as they are appreciated.

The latest of these, ReddX, brings Reddit to your TV screen and allows you to browse and post on threads while playing, watching or doing anything else, as it sits in a bar at the side of the screen.

It's probably not the best thing to have up when your teammates are relying on your full attention on the game, but it certainly takes multi-tasking to a whole new level.

Check out my 'chieves

You can control it using your Xbox One controller, media remote, SmartGlass app on your smartphone or with your laptop or tablet.

And like other Xbox One apps it comes with Achievements that are accompanied by images of Major Nelson cosplaying as famous memes, which make them desirable for a whole other reason.

ReddX is available today in the US and Canada alongside an MTV app, but its UK release date hasn't yet been announced.