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Tesla's Elon Musk teases 'unexpected' new product for October 17


An all new product from Elon Musk's future-gazing Tesla company will be launched on October 17. That's according to a tweet from the real-world Tony Stark, who also teased that the launch will be "unexpected by most" who follow the company.

The news comes in addition to another Tesla event, planned for October 28, which will give an update on the SolarCity green energy project, following Musk's proposed merger of the two companies.

Musk has already given a hint at what to expect from the October 28 event, which in turn helps to identify what won't be the focus of the October 17 event.

Driverless advancements

Electric car and solar energy advancements will be discussed, as well as a solar roof, next gen Powerwall energy harvester and a new Tesla EV charger.

So, given it's unlikely Musk will cover the same ground twice, what could be on the way? A second Tesla Roadster vehicle is a possibility, but perhaps most likely is a look at Tesla's progress with driverless autonomous cars.

The company recently released its Autopilot 8.0 update to further improve the autonomous abilities of its existing electric fleet, and Musk has been bullish in promoting how much further along Tesla is than its driverless competition.

Or, maybe it's the return of Tesla's transformer snake charger thing. Here's hoping: