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Aussie Ford Mustang to match US counterpart's power

Ford Mustang
Plenty of gallop after all...

Update: Ford Australia has confirmed that the local Mustang will be just as powerful as its American counterpart when it arrives in 2015.

Ford says the cars have identical engines despite reports of the US model's 324kW of power and 542Nm of torque pulling ahead of the with 303kW and 525Nm for the Aussie release.

Ford Australia has clarified that the difference stems from the way each country measures engine performance, with US cars use the SAE method, while the DIN standard is used in Australia. The US method allows the engine to be tested without any auxiliary systems, while DIN includes power draining systems like the alternator and water pump.

This is good news for Australian Mustang enthusiasts, meaning we'll be enjoying the full Mustang experience when the pony show arrives in 2015.

Original story follows

The long wait for the Mustang to thunder across this wide brown land is almost over. Unfortunately, it looks like it won't be doing quite as much thundering as we'd hoped.

A presentation at Ford's Broadmeadows head office has revealed that the Australian edition won't be quite as powerful as its US counterpart when it launches in the second half of 2015.

The States' Mustang GT 5.0-litre V8 produces peak power of 324kW, but the Australian edition will only manage 303kW, despite featuring the same engine.

Yay or neigh?

It's not exactly a deal breaker – the Mustang will likely remain irresistible to those who've endured the long wait for the American muscle car's arrival on our shores – but we can't help feeling that reducing a Mustang's power goes against everything the pony badge stands for.

Ford has also put a dampener on the Australian model's torque, with the local 'Stang offering 525Nm, compared to 542Nm in the US.

We're still awaiting local pricing for Ford's show pony, though it's a safe bet the Australian version will be dearer than its more powerful American sibling.