Vodafone Smart review

Are personalised backplates enough to make this low-cost Android smartphone stand out?

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The Vodafone Smart is equipped with a 2MP without a flash. At that resolution, it's no surprise that most shots look grainy, though the camera does remarkably well in lower light conditions and has a reasonably good grasp of colour reproduction.

There are very few shooting options on the camera. There are very few settings to fiddle with; the white balance for different lighting conditions such as incandescent, daylight, fluorescent and cloudy, basically. And that's your lot - not even black and white or sepia modes to add a touch of fun.

It was when using the camera that we first hit the very important problem of the screen being hard to see in bright sunlight. On an admittedly very sunny day, we couldn't even see the screen well enough to change settings between shots let alone to adequately frame our photos. We're not exaggerating.

Vodafone smart camera image 1

This outdoor view is grainy, though the camera does manage to capture the flow of water reasonably well, indicating that the shutter is quite fast.

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Vodafone smart camera image 2

In the early evening on a gloomy day, the camera struggles to get the light it needs to take a decent photo.

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Vodafone smart camera image 3

Indoors the camera captured colours well, but we were quite close to the subject. Notice how the cat's head is out of focus because the camera has focused on the centre of the image.

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