LG DoublePlay review

Innovative phone with two screens falls flat in daily use

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Internet browsing on the LG DoublePlay is a bit of a saving grace. Besides the useful dual-tasking mentioned earlier, the phone's dual-screen setup just makes sense for web browsing.

It shows webpages on the main 3.5-inch screen, and a thumbnail of previously-visited sites on the secondary screen. You can flip through these thumbnails in a rotating preview that looks like a rolodex.

LG doubleplay

Sites like TechRadar.com and Google.com loaded quickly and formatted correctly.

LG doubleplay

We had occasional (and expected) Adobe Flash problems, but some sites, like TechRadar, worked without hitch.

LG doubleplay

The phone supports text re-flow for most sites and worked well on those sites we visited. Page zoom in and out worked fast and handled most sites for text and images well.