As effective as the cooling is, The AMD Radeon HD 7990 is never going to have the premium aesthetic of the GTX Titan. In graphics card terms, it looks like a super car - it's practically got alloys.

And if we take straight-line performance out of the equation and go for that experience angle, a multi-GPU card is never going to be able to compete against a simple, single-GPU card - especially one that's a little cheaper and only a bit slower in most cases.

Sadly, the HD 7990 is one of the flakiest cards we've tested in a long while. We were finally able to coax some impressive performance figures out of it, but only after a good long while of sometimes only having a single GPU turning up to the benchmarking party. This is no doubt down to the early drivers we've had to use for pre-release testing and not the hardware itself, but that's a plain reminder of the vagaries of multi-GPU gaming.

When you fire up a new game on your CrossFireX or SLI rig, you'll always be wondering whether one or other of your GPUs has gotten confused and wandered off somewhere else. As impressive a feat of engineering as this beast is, there are faster, smoother and cheaper graphics arrays available, and much better enthusiast experiences to be had elsewhere.