HTC's Advantage X7510 is both too large to drop into your pocket and too small to drop into your bag and be a laptop. So what is it?

The Windows Mobile 6.1 operating system gives it the potential to make voice and data calls and it features HSDPA, so data speeds should be fine. Voice calls are a bit of a challenge though.

There's no speaker for private calling, should you want to hold the chunky main section to your ear. You need to use headphones.

Sluggish keyboard

The mini keyboard means the Advantage X7510 could be used for word processing or serious emailing.

The keyboard is flat and if you turn the haptic feedback off, typing can be slow. The keyboard and main body are separate from each other and connect via magnets.

The system works well, as long as you don't prod the top-heavy body too hard, otherwise it'll collapse.

Large display

16GB of built-in Flash storage is welcome and a miniSD card slot lets you add more.

There is GPS and Wi-Fi here too. The large screen also means browsing is more rewarding than on many smartphones, and reading emails less hard on the eye.

In the end, however, there is too much compromise with the HTC Advantage X7510, being neither small or practical.