Damson Cisor BT5 review

A new breed of portable wireless speaker

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Portable speakers have always struggled to deliver the standard of playback we're akin to with their larger counterparts, however the Damson Cisor BT5 opens up a new world in the portable domain and we welcome it with open arms.

We liked

When you're paying top dollar, you want your purchase to justify it costs, and the Cisor certainly ticks that box, with it stylish metal frame and weighty components providing that premium look and feel.

However it's not just style over substance here. More importantly, Damson has done a fine job when it comes to audio playback, with rich, bassy playback, even at higher volumes – and you can happily fill a room or two in your house with the smooth tones from the Cisor.

We disliked

The Cisor BT5 certainly provides impressive playback, however the £100 price tag will be too steep for some.

Its hefty weight will also put some off, as portability usually goes hand in hand with lightweight, and for anyone who wants an all day rave away from a power source, the Cisor will run out of juice before the sun sets.

Not being able to attach the Cisor to a wall is a little disappointing, as they provide an excellent surface, and having to shell out a little more for the window attachment adds an extra cost.


If money is not too much of an issue and you want a portable speaker which will really wow your friends and family then you can't go wrong with a Damson Cisor BT5.

It's by far the best portable surface speaker on the market and it gives most traditional portable speakers a run for their money, out classing many of the cheaper options.