One More Thing: Angry Birds scammers get done

It's the happy clappy feel good summer edition

One More Thing Angry Birds scammers get done

Bad app-le – Someone get us a catapult and some disgruntled fowl, we want to fire them at this Latvian firm that was publishing fake editions of Angry Birds and

Wooooay, football – Football's still going, apparently. The second test for Hawk-Eye's goal line tech is set to be England v Belgium on June 2, thus providing one more thing to blame when England doesn't win things. [FIFA]

What up Barack? - All you've got to do to get a call from the president is launch your own privately-funded space program. Sadly for Elon Musk said "Caller ID was blocked, so at first I thought it was a telemarketer." If it hadn't have been blocked it'd have flashed up "B-DAWG Calling", presumably. [TNW]

Dark matters – It seems there was some question mark over whether or not dark matter exists. Apparently it does. As you were. [New Scientist]

Get lost – Twitter won't tweet any two-word tweet starting with the word 'get' on account of it once being an SMS service. Not much good if you're in a hostage situation, risking your life to tweet and all you've got time to type is 'Get help'. We'd probably all ignore that anyway though so… no biggie. [Buzzfeed]

Where did dogs come from? – The eternal question. No one seems to know. And if you said WOLVES then QI KLAXON. [Ars Technica]

Like Mike - Google's shopping spree not only saw it picking up Motorola Mobility but also design studio Mike and Maaike, which worked on the first Android phone (the much-loved G1) as well as the Xbox 360. Controversial. [TNW]

Fashion - If you buy this R2D2 hoodie, you're only allowed to communicate in beeps and boops while wearing it. And maybe by projecting holograms. But that's really it. [Gizmodo UK]


Yes mate - One way to impress a person you quite fancy is this: on your first date, whip out your smartphone and fire up the new Poundland app. Guaranteed success. Plus, y'know, bargains. [Poundland]

Marvel-lous – Gorgeous 4-year-old Anthony Smith woke up one day and told his mum he wouldn't wear his hearing aid because superheroes don't wear hearing aids. Gorgeous Marvel was having none of that: when Anthony's mum emailed for help finding a hearing-impaired superhero, not only did Marvel respond with news of Hawkeye who lost 80% of his hearing, but it also created a whole new superhero named Blue Ear named after Anthony's hearing aid. Gorgeous. [Fox]

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