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Intel Core i5 750

This week we brought you news of the kids who posted to Facebook rather than call the police when they were stuck in a storm drain, a hands on review of the 5G iPod nano and ATI's Eyefinity, and guides to speeding up your PC's boot time and upgrading the components to turn it into a monster speed machine.

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Trapped kids update Facebook rather than ring police

Very much in the category of 'you couldn't make this up' comes the news that two girls trapped in a storm drain in South Australia chose to update their Facebook status to get help – rather than ringing the emergency services.

Facebook Fan Check virus rumours are driving users to more danger

This week has seen a tornado of warnings spread via social networking sites and online forums warning Facebook users to be wary of an application called Fan Check.

O2: 3G message nothing to do with Spotify app

O2 has responded to claims it's asking customers to use Wi-Fi instead of 3G in light of the recent Spotify app for the iPhone by stating it was merely a coincidence.


Will PS3 3D upgrade be backwards compatible?

We already know that Sony is planning to introduce 3D games to the PlayStation 3 next year, but what's the truth about backwards compatibility?

iPod touch range gets price cut and a 64GB flagship model added

No video camera for the iPod touch this year - but it does get a new low price point and a top-end memory boost. The iPod touch 8GB will be sold at £149, with the 32GB version selling for £229.

iPod touch

Top five in-depth articles

9 upgrades to turn your PC into a monster

To help you create the best gaming PC possible, we've handpicked 9 of the best PC upgrades from our database of reviews to help turn you from Fail1ty into Fatal1ty.

Corsair ram

10 computing conspiracy theories examined

A conspiracy theory's recipe is disarmingly simple: all you need is an occurrence, the suggestion of a dark cabal, a wilful disregard for evidence and a creative mind.

Make XP and Vista boot as fast as Windows 7

Taking a closer look at how Windows 7 boots reveals the most useful ways to improve start-up performance on XP and Vista systems. The right BIOS tweaks will optimise your hardware, and changing key Windows settings ensures you'll get the best possible boot performance.

9 bits of kit you'd sell your gran for

After the rush of press conferences at last week's IFA technology show, we dispatched our TechRadar bots to scan the stands for the most exciting IFA products. Here's what we think rocked the show.

Squeezebox touch

The web developer's guide to 3D site building

3D is here to stay, and it's time that every web designer and developer sat up and took note. So what's been happening?

Top five reviews

Hands on: New 5G iPod nano review

We really like the new 5G iPod nano - it's amazing what Apple has managed to squeeze into the same size enclosure as before. The killer feature is video - and the nano has trumped its big brother the touch in getting video. Everybody thought that both models would get a camera, but instead it's the nano that triumphs.

5G ipod nano

Hands on: ATI Eyefinity review

AMD is looking to expand your horizons with its Eyefinity technology, allowing you to run up to six monitors in HD from a single graphics card – and TechRadar has had the chance to play with the latest in graphics tech.

ATI eyefinity

Hands on: Samsung i7500 Galaxy Android review

We nabbed some face time with the phone that marks the debut of a new player in the Android game, with Samsung hoping the i7500 Galaxy will at least match the early success of HTC's range.

Intel Core i5 750 review

Our first taste of Intel's new mainstream 'Lynnfield' CPU comes in the form of the entry-level Core i5 750 processor. Officially, it's a 2.66GHz quad-core processor with 8MB of L3 cache memory and drops into the new LGA 1,156 socket. As for pricing, expect to pay around £150 from your favourite etailer.

LG BL40 Chocolate review

LG has brought another edition to its Black Label line, this time in the shape of the LG BL40 Chocolate. The world's first full cinematic screen mobile, the new Chocolate brings LG's richest feature set yet.

LG bl40 chocolate

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