France's Sarkozy victim of online robbery

French government: Nobody is safe

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has had his bank account hacked into and had cash removed, prompting the government to warn citizens of their own online vulnerability.

The hackers removed several small sums of money during the operation, after they obtained the entry details to the President's online account.


Luc Chatel, secretary of state for consumer affairs, said France had seen a nine per cent increase in the rise of internet banking security breaches, and action needed to be taken.

"The swindlers will be punished," he added, according to the Guardian.

Although officials believe the attack was the work of professionals, the crime was enough to prompt Chatel to slam internet online security, and pledge to improve things in the future.

"These cases are sufficiently rare that we haven't had to really organise ourselves, but [are] sufficiently serious for us to reflect on how to improve the system."


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