Wi-Fi syncing coming to the iPod?

Carbon fibre case could hold the key

Over the air wireless syncing could be coming to the humble iPod later this year if Steve Jobs has his way.

Adding songs to an iPod without having to physically link it to iTunes using a USB cable would be mighty convenient, and plays into Apple's ideal 'post PC world' it was shouting about at the iPad 2 launch.

"Jobs is pushing hard to get Wi-Fi syncing into the next generation of iPods," a source told CultofMac.

Carbon fibrous

Having just hired an expert in the matter, it looks as though the Cupertino crew are looking to use a carbon fibre casing to facilitate the syncing service but are still having a few problems.

"They've tried multiple different body designs and materials to get it to work well but it's been slow going. They have however found many improvements using a carbon fibre design.

"They're still not ideal or to the engineer's satisfaction. They are however making headway," the source continued.

Knowing Apple, they're not going to release a product until it works well enough that no one notices it doesn't quite work perfectly for at least a few days after purchase, so we may see the feature pushed back.

Still, it'd be nice to have something to get excited about on the iPod front this September, wouldn't it? Even if it does end up being eclipsed by the iPhone 5.

Via CultOfMac


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