LG is wasting no time getting a second smartwatch out into the world, if a teaser video it posted to YouTube today is any indication.

The LG G Watch is just weeks on the market, but LG will debut its successor, possibly called the LG R Watch, at IFA 2014, according to this video.

And unlike the square-faced LG G Watch, the R Watch (or LG G Watch R?) has a circular face - which is probably where the "R" comes from.

The circular smartwatch everyone already knows is the Motorola Moto 360, but the LG R Watch could have it beat in at least one important way.

A perfect circle

With fancy-looking graphics and some comically epic sound effects, LG's teaser video makes quite a kerfuffle about the new Android Wear smartwatch's perfectly round face.

This focus on "a perfect circle" may be a dig at the Moto 360, which has a "horizon line" along the bottom that interrupts its circular screen, although the watch face itself is still rounded.

The G Watch R teaser video appeared on LG's official YouTube channel, so it's definitely legit.

Now we'll just have to wait until IFA in September to find out what's really going on here - and what the name of LG's new smartwatch really is.