R1 Dream DAB radio to liven up your kitchen

Vita Audio goes for quality instead of 'cheap plastics'

Vita Audio is launching a special version of its R1 DAB/FM table-radio, dubbed the R1 Dream. Dressed in a glossy white coat and sporting a crisp LCD display, the R1 Dream has a recommended retail price of £180.

One of the R1's key selling points is that it eschews "the cheap look and feel of plastics", by using "handcrafted cabinets along with cool and tactile pressed steel panels".

High quality DAB radio

It's also designed to plug in to your iPod or other MP3 player via a line-in socket, although you can't actually dock anything in the traditional sense.

"The R1 Dream employs handcrafted cabinets along with cool and tactile pressed steel panels," says Vita Audio. "Rather than a confusing mass of buttons Vita Audio has developed its own RotoDial control system. This is a trademark feature that will appear on all future Vita Audio products and makes for simple and intuitive operation."

Vita Audio products are available through John Lewis, House of Fraser, Selfridges, Harrods, Conran and a select range of audio and design stores.



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