S4 'Samsung Style' Gangnam rip off is awful and brilliant in equal measure

Samsung India is getting a lot of flack today for a largely ill-advised aging-pop-culture-phenomenon marketing-tie-in video-thing advertising the Samsung Galaxy S4 through the medium of Gangnam Style.

Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh belts his way through a Gangnam Style parody heavy on the S4 specs in front of a largely unenthusiastic crowd backed up by Psy animations and besequined dancers.

Just watch Singh's face as he reluctantly whips his suit jacket off like he's turning tricks. He doesn't want to be here, but those bills aren't going to pay themselves. So he licks his lips, takes a breath and gets stuck in.

It's endearingly awful. So much love for the marketing team whose best day at work ever was probably the one on which they got tanked and penned the lyrics shoehorning Samsung Galaxy S4 features into the K-pop dance hit.

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