Orange to block unlimited iPhone Spotify use

You can do what you want - within the limits set out

Orange's mobile internet terms and conditions have shown that users won't be able to use certain 'non-Orange' applications.

The new iPhone deal from Orange will give you 750MB of data as part of the 'unlimited' offering, but the network is also prohibiting data-heavy applications, such as YouTube.

The official line is "non-Orange internet based streaming services…and internet based video," will be forbidden with the forthcoming iPhone, but the network has relented somewhat on the likes of Spotify.

Spotify is fine

A spokesperson told Electric Pig: "We recognise that iPhone customers will use popular streaming services such as YouTube, Spotify etc. As a result we do not intend to apply network protection controls, as long as customers remain within their usage allowance."

However, that 750MB of data doesn't stretch very far with the likes of Spotify, coming in at around 13 hours of music. Add in your general web surfing and the odd bit of YouTube, and you can see how easily the allowance would be used up.

O2's deals are far more vague, but at least don't put a figure on the data limit. There has been evidence of some people getting a text warning them of their usage and 'suggesting' better plans, but there haven't been any charges / cut-offs that we've heard of as yet.



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