Motorola Droid Ultra pops up on Moto website, advises you to Think Thin

Size zero phones are going nowhere if the latest Motorola leak is anything to go by; the company's website promises a device called the Motorola Droid Ultra and tells us to "think thin".

It's not clear if this is part of a well-planned whisper campaign on Motorola's part, or simply that fat fingers have accidentally set a web page live early by accident. Either way, the page is not giving much away.

Above a spec list that PocketNow posits is a copy'n'paste of the Razr M's facts and figures, a grey boxout heralds the arrival of the Droid Ultra.

Feel fat

It tells us that we should Think Thin - which sounds a bit like something that sleazy agents tell aspiring models - before teasing "a bunch of glossy colours" and a DuPont Kevlar body. No photos to speak of, unfortunately.

While the Motorola X Phone leaks have come thick and fast, we've not heard tell of the Droid Ultra before.

The Droid brand is a US-only Verizon-friendly affair although differently-monikered handsets with similar spec sheets do make it out to the rest of the world.

So if you like the sound of something thin, strong, multi-coloured and Motorola branded but you aren't in the US then don't despair just yet. Check out the page for yourself here.