iPad UK release date unveiled

No iPad UK price confirmed yet, though

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Apple has announced via its UK website it will be shipping the 3G version of the iPad in April for the UK.

This means the official UK version of the iPad will first land in late March, and barely days later will be followed by the better specified but more expensive 3G iteration.

Jobs said at the time of launch that the iPad data plans internationally would be announced in June or July, so it must mean that a deal to provide data in the UK has been struck sooner than expected.

iPad UK price

Apple has decided to keep the iPad's UK price point close to its chest, stating only that the cost of the iPad will be 'announced', but it is expected to start around £400.

A number of networks, including Orange, O2 and Vodafone, have been tipped to provide the data, which will be enabled through microSIM cards - different to those seen in your average mobile.

This means that users on a decent price plan for their phone won't be able to just buy a 3G iPad and then just put their mobile SIM in whenever they want to surf the net.

We're awaiting more news on who will be supplying the iPad data in the UK - and just how much that will cost too.


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