HTC sees sales up over 100% from 2010

Lend us a fiver, HTC?

HTC sales are going great guns, with the Taiwanese company announcing that it more than doubled its May income year-on-year.

Consolidated sales for May 2011 came in at T$40.62 billion – that's over £864 million – compared to T$18.82 billion in May 2010 (around £400 million).

That's more than double, maths fans. It's also a 5 per cent month-on-month increase compared to April 2011.

The arrows are all pointing up

It's not the first time this year that HTC has had financial cause to pop open the champagne: in April it emerged that its 2011 Q1 results saw it overtake Nokia as the third largest phone manufacturer in the world by market capitalisation.

HTC rocketed to success with its consistently excellent Android handsets, the latest of which is the 4.5-star HTC Sensation.

With the growth of Windows Phone 7 and its entrance to the growing tablet market with the HTC Flyer still to kick in, we can only see good things in the company's future.

Via Reuters


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