HTC Hero Android 2.1 update released... in Taiwan

HTC says UK coming soon

The anticipated launch of the HTC Hero Android 2.1 update could be coming to the UK in the near future.

The GSM version of the update, which is the same variant used on the UK models, has been launched in Taiwan according to the HTC Hero feed in Asia.

This means that it might not be too long before the UK gets the same treatment, giving HTC Hero users over here the likes of Live Wallpapers, a better Android App Market and more integrated messaging and social networking options.

Still just coming soon

TechRadar has spoken to HTC and sadly there's no official news about the update, with the UK release date still set as 'coming soon'.

HTC has already apologised about the delay, which has seen HTC Hero users stuck with an ageing OS that can't do any of the cool things its bigger brothers are showing off to the world

However, we can't imagine it will be that long now given it's appeared in the US on CDMA networks (rather than GSM) and in Taiwan - so hurry up HTC, get this to Orange and T-Mobile customers over here too!

From HTC Hero Plurk via Gizmodo


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