Forthcoming BlackBerry Curve 9300 detailed on video

Just don't get too excited

The BlackBerry Curve 9300 has been caught out and about in the wild, and this time heavily detailed on video.

Those of you looking at the high end BlackBerry smartphones but grimacing at the price tag will rejoice, as this handset is much more suited to the lighter pocket.

The Curve 9300 has been seen in the wild a few times in pictures and the odd fuzzy video, but now Vietnamese site Mainguyen (you know the one) has bagged a unit and shoved it in front of a camera for seven minutes.

Change your specs

We're seeing most of the specs we've already heard about confirmed - 3.2MP camera, optical trackpad, probable QVGA screen... yes, we know, not much to get excited about.

It's basically a bog-standard BlackBerry that adds in 3G for a spot of nicer web browsing, but it will join the rest of the family on the older BB OS 5.0.

At least we have a probable UK release date - IntoMobile has published a document from Vodafone UK, showing that the 9300 Curve will likely be coming in Q3.

From Mainguyen and IntoMobile via Engadget


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