Facebook's new app transforms your scrappy news feed into a glossy magazine

Caution: may make you want more attractive friends

Facebook Paper is the social network's latest mobile app, taking your news feed and recrafting it into an elegant book-like experience.

As anticipated, it takes strands of Flipboard's web-reading experience letting you flick through posted links quickly and comfortably, while also reworking your friends' photos into a more album-like style and using a very un-Facebook like horizontal scrolling style.

Gone is the standard app's traditional slide-out menu pane, instead you customise a grid from your news feed elements, then smoothly swipe through it.

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The publishing options are also pretty swish - photos and text appear together so you know what you're uploading rather than the current system which leaves you a little bit blind.

Facebook Paper

There are elements of the original Facebook app that aren't present in Paper, but Facebook isn't wary about having too many apps on your phone - if anything, it wants to create more and more.

The bad news is that this is a pretty limited release: Facebook Paper will only be available in the US and only on the iPhone from February 3.

Is Facebook's decline coming?



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