Facebook Live streaming is coming to all devices - even drones

All the devices!

Facebook Live video is a huge part of the social network's future, and today we learned that it's coming to all devices.

Facebook is opening up the Live API so the ability to stream can be built into any device. Currently, Facebook Live is on iOS and Android, so we're talking about even more products that extend beyond mobile.

Standalone cameras are an obvious next step, and to that end Facebook announced the Mevo camera as the first camera with integrated Live-streaming abilities. Built by Livestream, the Mevo lets users sync to their Facebook account with a tap and start streaming almost instantly. The camera costs $399, but you can save $100 if you pre-order one today.

Sky streams

But even more awesome is that Live streaming is coming to drones. Facebook demonstrated how Live will look when it's soaring above the ground with a DJI drone recording the F8 developer crowd Tuesday.

An update to the Go app coming to Phantom drones will let pilots start streaming and interact with viewers as they fly.

Another tidbit about the Live API: media organizations can mix video into their broadcasts and respond to users comments as they roll in.

Live video streaming got a massive boost last week with new features centered around interaction, discovery and search. Now that any device can stream straight to Facebook, even more users - and more interesting videos - should start populating News Feeds everywhere.

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