Facebook for Android finally updated

And lo! It was nearly as good as the iPhone version

Facebook for Android has finally been overhauled for the legions of Google-phone users.

The new update brings a raft of changes, and offer some much-needed functionality to make the Android offering as compelling as the iPhone version.

The main updates are easily visible – a draggable notifications bar at the bottom of the screen will show you all new updates, and a photo-reel at the bottom of the screen gives you access to new snaps uploaded by your friends.

Updated access

You can also access events and respond to them within the application as well as commenting on photos without jumping to the mobile version of the site.

Sadly, Facebook hasn't got that element totally right on the new Android version of the application – you still get chucked out to the mobile site to read new notifications (although previews are shown in the notifications drawer).

But overall it's a lot better than before, and apart from that little notifications bump, you can stay within the application to do nearly everything – take a photo, upload it, port contacts to your phone etc.

It's available now from the Android Market, so head on over and download or update to start actually using Facebook on your HTC Desire or Samsung Galaxy S (or pretty much any Android phone really...)


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