Apple takes aim at HTC again

Seeks to block sales of HTC handsets. Again.

Apple has filed a second International Trade Commission (ITC) complaint against HTC, seeking to stop sales of handsets that Apple alleges infringe on its patents.

Bored with relentlessly pursuing and being pursued by Samsung through the courts, Apple has once again turned its attention to HTC after the ITC implied that its original case, filed in March 2010, didn't hold much water.

However, the ITC won't file its official verdict on the original complaint, which takes in ten of Apple's patents, until 5 August.

Legal eagle

Although the full filing is not yet available to the public, its title "Portable Electronic Devices and Related Software" indicates that it encompasses both handsets and the HTC Flyer, HTC's first tablet effort.

If it finds in Apple's favour, the ITC could force HTC to stop selling its handsets at the very least in the USA.

HTC is yet to comment on the second complaint, with many suspecting that it will file a countersuit against Apple; we'll keep you posted.

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