Android 2.2: new information leaks out

It's not copy-and-pas... wait, that was the iPhone 2009

Google's next upgrade to the Android operating system is clearly set to drop in the near future, and a little more information on it has leaked out.

Apparently users will be able to set their phone to automatically upgrade applications in the background, which constant Android users will know is something that's been missing for a while.

The new Android 2.2 (or Froyo to its friends) will presumably give the users to only auto-update the applications they trust, as otherwise it could be a simple Trojan horse for evil developers to destroy your precious phone.

I dub thee Frozen Yogurt

Apart from the naming process, Google has stayed very tight-lipped on the forthcoming release of Android 2.2, as it seeks to keep its powder dry ahead of the final unveiling.

But analytics data has shown that devices are testing the new OS update, which means it's clearly up and running in the darkest dev offices of Google HQ.

We're hoping to hear more on 19 May, when Google chats at the I/O event - until then we'll have to stay speculating on what Froyo will bring us.

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