RCA goes minimal on latest PMP

Small slider with voice recording

Those of you who remember the birth of the MP3 player might remember the RCA brand. Well, the new Lyra slider media player shows that brand is still alive and kicking.

The device, which bears more than a passing resemblance to the latest slew of sliding mobile phones, can do the usual trick of playing all files and formats on its diminutive screen.

Phone haters

It comes in 4GB (£45) or 8GB (£55) flavours, and will be released later in the autumn months for all of those customers who love sliding devices but hate phone radiation.

The minimalist dial pad is a nice touch, with nothing more than an input circle and a menu key, though RCA have thoughtfully thrown in a touchscreen as well for those who might have spent too long playing with an iPhone and have forgotten how to use buttons.

It might not be the device to topple the big boys, but at less than £60 it's a bit of a bargain, and apparently will offer some class-leading voice recording as well.

Which is always nice.



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