One BlackBerry Storm sold every 13 seconds

UK barely managing to keep up with demand

Vodafone's UK execs must be feeling pretty smug. They've got enough BlackBerry Storms to go around (just). But Verizon's US suits must be feeling all loved up too… they're selling out left, right and centre.

TechRadar spoke to Vodafone to find out what was happening over in the UK, and found that while the demand hasn't hit the levels seen by our US consumer counterparts, stocks still have to be very tightly managed.

High demand

"The BlackBerry Storm is in very high demand and we are doing everything we can to ensure customers can continue to buy it in store, online and through telesales," said the spokesperson for Vodafone.

"For example, on Saturday 15th November in our retail stores alone, we sold one BlackBerry Storm every 13 seconds. This is an unprecedented response for a phone launch and we are doing everything we can to continue to fulfill the demand at this rate."

Whether this means that Vodafone didn't learn from O2's stock problems with the iPhone and just got lucky with stock levels, or it was being as canny as could be, the Storm still looks set to be one of the big sellers in 2008, despite coming in the last quarter.

Apple, back to you…


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