No rift with Apple says O2

Stock shortages of iPhone not souring relationship

The abundance of stock at Apple stores of the iPhone 3G is reported to be causing some consternation between the manufacturer and the official suppliers, O2, and The Carphone Warehouse.

The Apple stores have not run out of either the 8GB or 16GB versions of the new iPhone 3G, while both O2 and The Carphone Warehouse have had to turn people away due to lack of stock.

Mobile has reported that high-ranking sources at O2 have been put on the back foot by Apple's early release date, which may have affected stock levels.

O2 quashes rumours

But O2 has moved to dispel such rumours, pointing out only the network and its vendors are able to sort out upgrades.

'Apple can't do upgrades in their store, so that's one of the reasons we have sold out more quickly. Every O2 store in the country had stock.

'We were expecting a huge demand and we're confident that we will fulfil demand by the end of the summer.'

So if you're still hankering after that new device and haven't got a current contract to worry about, head on down to an Apple store. At least it will probably have some.


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