Here's even more proof the Nexus 8 is coming

It's coming. At some point

Like many devices before it, the Nexus 8 has been virtually leaked into existence. Alas, since the possibly HTC-made tablet is still a ways away, we'll have to subsist on more leaks for now.

An import-export database revealed the Nexus 7 follow-up has shipped to India for testing. The leak described two units shipped from the US as "Nexus8 Prototype Tablet Similar to Nexus(7)."

The database offered no specs or an idea of when the prototypes would head to the consumer market, though it apparently revealed the Nexus 8 is valued at INR$16,484 (about $272, £160, AU$293).

It's hard to decipher what being "similar" to the Nexus 7 means given that most rumors have the Nexus 8 coming from a new manufacturer and sporting significantly better specs, including a larger screen size.

Perhaps it's a looks thing. That, or we're in for a disappointing device iteration whenever the Nexus 8 decides to really show its face.

Via GSM Insider


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