Microsoft's announcement definitely has nothing to do with Barnes & Noble

Rumors claimed that Microsoft would announce a new Barnes&Noble tablet


Microsoft's scheduled announcement this afternoon has caused quite a bit of buzz, and everyone with a keyboard and half a brain seems to have some idea of what the company's got in store.

One of the most popular rumors claims that Microsoft will announce a new Barnes & Noble tablet.

Financial site Benzinga was the first to receive a response from the bookseller, tweeting "BKS Spokesperson Confirms they are Not Part of Today's $MSFT Tablet Announcement."

It was said that it would relate to an April announcement of a strategic partnership between Microsoft and Barnes & Noble known as "Newco," which was designed to "accelerate e-reading innovation" on Windows devices.

So what's today's announcement all about?

plenty of possibilities.

The new tablet could be meant to compete directly with the iPad or with the Kindle Fire, though sources remain divided on which.

And the new Microsoft tablet could feature Xbox Live streaming or other gaming functionality.

Other speculation suggests that Microsoft could announce the successor to their Xbox 360 video game console - the Xbox 720 - which has shown few signs of slowing down despite its six-year lifespan.

A new Xbox announcement outside of major gaming trade shows like E3 would be considered unusual, but Microsoft could ensure the Xbox 720 makes a splash with a standalone announcement.

Check back this afternoon for TechRadar's coverage of Microsoft's announcement.

Via The Verge