HTC Flyer UK price unveiled by Three

Numerical network reveals contract pricing

Three has included the HTC Flyer in its latest product catalogue, complete with UK pricing for the tablet on contract deals.

You'll be able to pick a Flyer up from Three for £169 on a £25 per month 24-month contract.

That not insignificant investment will net you a 15GB data allowance and 3G connectivity along with thethe 7-inch Android 2.3 tablet, with an upgrade to Android 3.0 set to take place after launch.

Still not 100%

Official HTC Flyer UK pricing hasn't yet been revealed by HTC, but some retailers have opened pre-orders with the 3G model generally being pegged at around £600 as a stand alone purchase.

Likewise, we're still awaiting an official HTC Flyer UK release date, especially given that all mooted dates ("April" and "9 May" being two) already having passed us by.

Although it's not yet popped up on the network's website, given that Three has seemingly included the tablet in its official sales catalogues, the HTC Flyer seems set for an imminent release.

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