YouTube videos now available for download

Putting the wealth of the online world on your iPod

YouTube is trialling a system that would allow users to take content offline and also download videos to portable devices.

The site, which claims to have listened to users who "told us that you wanted to take your favorite videos offline", has begun work with academic and general uploaders to see if the system could work.

Credit where it's due

YouTube says, on its official blog, that the videos will be available under the Creative Commons License as long as they are given proper credit.

Users will also be able to choose whether to offer their videos for free or for a price in association with Google Checkout, so YouTube will now offer an even greater incentive to budding film makers and comedy scientists.

Off-line campus

YouTube is testing free downloads for universities in the US, including Stanford, Duke and Berkeley, meaning students can catch up with lectures and research.

Users looking to get some offline YouTube action will see a download option in the bottom left hand corner, and will have a separate section of their account where they can keep track of their purchase, a la iTunes.


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