World in mourning as Facebook video ads reportedly delayed until 2014

The invasion of TV-style, auto-playing video ads within Facebook has been delayed until 2014, according to reports.

The commercial interruption was reportedly planned for the summer, but now All Things D's sources say the roll out won't be before the new year.

According to the report, the delay is due to Facebook's fears that the introduction of video ads, which will play automatically, will turn off its user base.

Sources say more internal discussions will now take place as to how to integrate the videos, pleasing shareholders with a significant revenue stream, while not upsetting members too much.


Not a huge amount is known about how long, prominent or frequent the videos will be, but it is thought audio will be silenced, unless turned up by the user.

Earlier this week, Facebook-owned Instagram revealed video and photo ads will be rolled out in the United States starting next week.