Twitter introduces custom timelines so you can craft hand-picked streams

Tweets organized around an event or topic

Tired of a Twitter timeline that doesn't reflect what you're absorbed in at any given moment? Say hello to custom Twitter timelines.

The newly public social network has announced the new timelines, a way to "give you more control" when it comes to how tweets are organized and delivered on the platform.

Users can either curate the timelines by hand or, for those with API access, program the tweets in.

Twitter said custom timelines are meant to center around a specific event or topic. It gave examples of custom timelines created for a Guardian Q&A and one made by Carson Daly for tonight's episode of The Voice.

You know, the important things.

Tweets just for you

All custom timelines are public and have their own page. Curators can embed the timelines in their websites as they belong to the Twitter for Websites toolkit.

To create your own timeline, head on over to TweetDeck (account required). Twitter said that in the coming days, the ability to generate, add to and share a custom timeline will roll out to all TweetDeck users.

Twitter is also rolling out a custom timeline API beta, one that will be available to a small group to start before heading out to more users.

Twitter told TechRadar that like a tweet, a custom timeline exists until it's deleted.


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