Huge spike in voter registrations proves that badgering people on Twitter works

Hooray for democracy

If you've been wearily muting ever minor celebrity urging people to register to vote over the past few weeks, sighing and saying aloud "No point mate, it'll never work" then the joke's on you: it worked.

Yesterday, around 470,000 people registered online for a say in next month's General Election as the registration deadline hit, according to this breakdown.

That's 300,000 more people than the previous 24-hour record. You've only been able to register online since June 2014, but over 7 million people have done so since then.

Too late now

Only 2 million people have opted to register by post since the online system came in. It's almost as though it's easier, cheaper and more convenient all round to do it online.

Of course, we're only halfway there; all those newly registered voters still have to remember to cast their actual vote on May 7. If only we could also do that over the internet, we could change the world without even getting out of bed.

Via Wired


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