Craigslist ditches its 'erotic services' category

But will moderated 'adult services' appease?

Listings giant Craigslist has decided to ditch its 'erotic services' category, after claims that it was promoting prostitution.

The US site has been riding a wave of recent controversy, being named in high-profile cases including the media dubbed 'Craigslist killer' case, in which 23-year-old Philip Karkoff has been charged with killing a masseuse whose services he allegedly found through the site.

This has prompted Craigslist to change its listings and remove the erotic services category and replace it with 'adult services' – but perhaps more importantly the company will now moderate every single advert within the new category.

"We are optimistic that the new balance struck will be an acceptable compromise," explained Craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster.


However, the changes may not prevent the company from getting into more trouble, with New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo describing the move as 'half-baked'.

"Several weeks ago, we informed Craigslist of an impending criminal case that implicated its website. Rather than work with this office to prevent further abuses, in the middle of the night, Craigslist took unilateral action which we suspect will prove to be half-baked," Cuomo said in a statement.

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